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10 th April 2009

Surveillance Approach in Pakistan!!!

Fire & Security Alert spoke to Basit Karim, CEO of City Links about the company consecutively won for the second year Excellence Award from Dedicated Micros for the “Most Valuable Partner for the year 2007 & 2008”. DM-UK one of the premier manufacturers of the world. Since the affiliation with the Dedicated Micros City Links one of the biggest Professionals CCTV Suppliers, Installers and Service Providers of DVRs, fixed & PTZ Cameras, Pan Tilt, IR illuminators and other accessories in Pakistan.

FSA) How were you influenced to be in this line of trade?
BK) Pakistan has great security concerns and related terrorist activities, and every individual wants their life secure, due to this reason it is a growing industry and a very big market.

FSA) What are you views on the current state of the security industry?
BK) Because it is a growing industry manufacturer spent lots of money on its research & development, and installer have to get acquainted each time a new Technology is introduced in the security market or demanded by the customers.

FSA) What is the City Link’s Philosophy?
BK) CITY LINKS believes in quality product, services and fair marketing. We are delivering “State of the Art” Technology with commitments to excel customer satisfaction & staff commitments to achieve the company’s goals & mission.

FSA) What is the strength of City Links?
BK) After sales support with on time client satisfaction, strong technical team and qualified professionals.

FSA) What is your opinion of potential entrants coming into the market and attempting to duplicate the success of City Links?

BK) It is an open market and anyone who can offer professional services can be a winner in this industry.

FSA) What vertical market segments will City Links on in the future?
BK) City Links does not want to limit to any vertical market because security is a global concern regardless of any industry or market sector. We are dedicated to provide professional security assistance to our country in any market sector that is facing security problems.

FSA) City Links has made great progress in recent years, can this pace be sustained? How do you categories City Links’ presence in the different sector of Industry?

BK) Yes we have achieved success in the Professional Security Services and have been awarded by our vendors and customers. It is due to the extraordinary efforts & services provided by City Links team to deliver efficient after sales support to our clients.

FSA) What problems City Links face during the largest installations across the country?
BK) Most of the buyers and users lack in security technology awareness. People do not know what they need to install that can address their security concerns and at what place.

FSA) How would you see City Links to win 2nd consecutive award of Best security provider among the DM’s worldwide distributors?
BK) CITY LINKS has recently won consecutively second year the Excellence Award from Dedicated Micros-
U.K for the “Most Valuable Partner for the year 2007 & 2008”A matter of pride for the Nation. It was our passionate attitude, team of thorough professionals and up to date products that have led us to this phenomenal achievement. A major contribution in bringing laurels to our nation – Pakistan.

FSA) Do you think in near future City Links will come with their own manufacturing of security cameras?
BK) We didn’t think about it yet but it is very difficult to start manufacturing plant in Pakistan because we have a giant manufacturer in our neighbor named CHINA and we are already delivering very professional security camera products form UK on an affordable price to our customers.

FSA) How do you see the current security market of Pakistan? What would you like to suggest international player about the Pakistan’s security market?
BK) It is the right time to enter in the Pakistan’s security market and people want professionals to secure their premises and properties.

FSA) What is the one thing you would like to see most changing in the field of security? What has City Links done to accommodate this change?
BK) The biggest change in the industry is the word HYBRID DVR ... it is the DVR which can record both analog and IP cameras some HYBRID DVR also support analytics and analytics is the future of CCTV which can tell you what is missing and what
is extra ... what is going in and what is going out ... what is moving slow and what is moving fast in a particular camera field.

FSA) What are typical clients and what they are looking for in security solution?
BK) Most of the client doesn’t know what they need.... they only know that they need video recording or fire prevention systems or security on entrance only.

FSA) What type of security solution do your clients typically buy?
A.) In Pakistan people are not aware with the security systems ... they have in their minds that they need camera on his site or need fire alarm equipment in his premises ... they don’t know how many days of recording do they requires and in what areas do they need fire alarm ... and what are the back end devices that will control end point devices.

FSA) What you suggest to secure the future of every individual?
BK) their must be a nationwide access control system which is integrated with the NADRA every transporter should be connected with that system so their system should tell NADRA system which person is where and where is he going, do they reach their destinations and if traveler is traveling in his own vehicle every city’s check post should have information about their movements


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