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City links have been installing CCTV systems in Government organization and Private Sectors for a long time and have thus acquired an extensive expertise in CCTV Indoor & Outdoor installations. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by our customers, we have created innovative, user-friendly applications ideal to fulfil CCTV requirements. Our expertise of CCTV installation has helped us develop solutions that answer your today's needs. These solutions allow you to:

• Complete Security of the Premises 24/7/365
• Reduce Human Security Deployment
• Total Management Satisfaction

We have completed various kinds of Mega CCTV projects throughout Pakistan, our aim is to widen our scope of services in Pakistan and to provide best after sales services. City Links is the second country in South Asia who has been awarded Authorized service centre by Dedicated Micros – U.K. This land mark has been achieved due to competent technical staff and training of engineers from Dedicated Micros in Manchester - United Kingdom. A matter of pride for the Nation and well deserved for a company which emerged only a few years ago. It was our passionate attitude, team of thorough professionals and up to date products that have led us to this phenomenal achievement.


The purpose of service centre is to provide repairing, maintenance & after sales support of complete range of CCTV products. As an installer of high quality CCTV products we believe that we have a duty to pass on our knowledge and expertise to the Client through extensive training. All customers can also take advantage of the direct assistance provided by the support team.